Fahrzeugliquidationen 1977-81

In den Jahren 1977 - 1981 wurden verschiedene Dodge, GMC, und Jeep en-Block verkauft. Einige fanden auch den Weg nach Chile, Mexiko und den Philipinen (Quelle):

Swiss Government Term Contract:
  • Year:  1977-1981
  • Client:
    • Selling Client:         The Swiss Army
    • Buying Client:         The Philippines Army
    • Buying Client:         The Chilean Government
    • Buying Client:         The Mexican Army
    • Buying Client:         U.S. State Forestry Department
  • Duration: 4 Years
  • Description: Jeeps, Dodge Weapons Carriers, M75 Armored Carriers and GMC Military Cargo 6x6 Trucks
  • Marketed/Sold: 357 Jeeps marketed/357 sold to Philippine Army; 85 M75s marketed, 65 sold to U.S. State Governments; 200 GMC 6x6s marketed, 30 sold to Chilean Government and 35 to the Mexican Government.
  • Sales Volume: $3.66  Million
  • Success: Filled Philippines sale, filled Chilean order, Mexican order and filled fire fighting niche sale to U.S state government.
  • Narrative: In 1984-1985, THE GROUP acquired in a lump sump deal a spread of MSAs from the Swiss Army. The Swiss Army is known for its superior maintenance program, so these vehicles were in good condition. The deal included 200 GMC 6x6 cargo trucks, 357 military jeeps, 300 Dodge Weapons Carriers and 85 M75 Armored Personnel Carriers. This deal was co-ventured with Smith Consulting.  The lot of jeeps was immediately resold as-is to the Philippine Government. SCG arranged shipping and THE GROUP sent technicians to the Philippines to assist the Philippine Army in preparing the jeeps for service. THE GROUP staff trained the Philippine Army in the determination process in order to salvage parts from the jeeps in the worst condition in order to maintain a parts supply for the jeeps in better condition.  The deal generated sales revenue of $1.6 million. The M75 (APC) armored personnel carriers were refitted and sold to U.S. state government agencies for fire fighting equipment. These sales generated $1.35 million. An associate in Chile assisted by arranging a sale to the Chilean Armed Forces for 30 GMC 6x6 in as is condition for $8500 each—Total as-is Sale to Chile was $225K. The Mexican Army purchased 35 remanufactured GMC 6x6 at $13,800 each for a total sale to Mexico of $483K. Combined, the sales to the Philippines, Chile, Mexico, and U.S. state government agencies totaled $3.66 million.

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