Handbuch C60L-02 Partslist

Für den Chevrolet C60L gab es eine spezielle Teileliste (Code Chevrolet Illustrated Spare Parts List 3-Ton 4x4, Model C60L, Chassis 8443, C60L-02). Wird so um 70 - 90 USD gehandelt.

This Chevrolet Spare Parts List covers the Model C60L Chassis 8443 158" WB CMP Vehicles. Printed in August, 1943. It is an original publication that spent most of it's military career sitting on a RCEME Shop shelf. It is in Very Good + condition, with crisp covers and pages. The spine is solid and slightly sun faded. There are no torn or missing pages, but the back inside cover and the last two "NOTES" pages have some moisture stains (RCEME coffee???) present. There is also a slight grease stain on the centre right edge of the front cover and the centre of the page edges, probably from being thumbed through occasionally. The Cab and Chassis unit this manual services includes all Chevrolet CMP vehicles in this classification mounting the following body types: GS, Ambulance, Dental, Derrick, Disinfector, Engineers, Office, Petrol Tank, Stores, Water Tank, Workshop, Wrecker and 6 Pounder Anti-Tank Portee.

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