FS: C15A 1942 Ex-Firebrigade

Für AUD 1'550 wurde in Crib Point (Victoria), Australia, dieser kleine 4x4 C15A verkauft. Es ist eine spezielle Sunshine Roof Version. Diese "Sonnendach-Kabinen" wurde nur in Australien gefertigt.

chev c15 CMP blitz,rare chance to pick up a rust free mostly complete easy restorable truck

its a 1942 chev c15A with original sunshine roof, its even still got the rifle butt rectangle mounts on cab floor,all wiring is in place,doors are rust free and has old stock canvas door tops which just need the plastic windows renewed,engine turns over and would start with fuel,original horn in place,radiator is good

diffs,trans case look fine front diff looks very good and low use, gear box is out of vehicle and has been inspected and is perfect and shows no signs of wear,windscreen frames are even good and all hold open fittings are there,cab sheet metal is one of the best i've seen and is straight,brakes dont work but master cyl moves freely,dash is fitted and will need reco,steering box is very good and so is wheel,the horn button is still there!

The seat frames are perfect i have restored them they are ready for paint,they were rust free to start with.

The chassis is perfect and un molested

the only thing missing is the tow pintle and i may be able to get one

HISTORY.......the truck was used after the war as a NRMA tow truck in Holbrook NSW ,the tow gear was removed when i bought it,it was taken off road i would say in the 50,s or 60,s to fix the welshplug in the back of the bellhousing and it was never put back together,it was shedded ever since,the tyres on the original wheels had rotted off the rims! its a barn find!

I am selling reluctantly due to space and time restraints i will stick with my FORD blitzes and finish them.

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