FS: C60L 1943 Auktion USA

Bei einer Auktion am 8. Dezember 2012 in den USA wurde dieser Chevrolet C60L für USD 16'000 verkauft.
Manufacturer: General Motors of Canada Ltd. - Oshawa, Ontario Production
Year: 1943
Engine: Chevrolet 216-cid ohv, in-line, liquid-cooled, 85-hp, six-cylinder, gasoline
Transmission: Four-speed: four forward, one reverse
Length: 20-feet, 4-inches
Width: 7-feet, 6-inches
Height: 9-feet, 9-inches (to top of cargo area bonnet)
Weight: Approximately 4-3/4-tons
Armor: None
Armament: None
Maximum Road Speed: 50-mph
Maximum Load Capacity: 3-tons
Wheelbase: 158-inches
Markings: British Army green, General Service Unit

The Chevrolet C60L 3-ton 4x4, along with the nearly identical models built by Ford, accounted for more than 209,000 of the over 850,000 trucks built in Canada during World War II. In fact, Canada provided the majority of the motorized transport for the British Empire during the war. The Canadian government specified that all Canadian military vehicles be built to British designs and specifications. Ford and Chevrolet combined efforts to develop the CMP (Canadian Military Pattern) series of trucks. This cooperation between the two auto giants resulted in vehicles with an exceptionally high amount of interchangeability. Chevy built CMP 3-tons (initially classified as 60-cwt- 60 hundred weight) entered wide scale production in 1940. The displayed 3-ton CMP is a 1942 pattern model that features a cab with a reverse slope windshield and embedded headlights. The C60 series 4x4s were the most versatile of all the CMP trucks. Many body types were produced including ambulance, gas and water tanker, cipher office (for coding and decoding messages), senior officer box-van, dental clinic, wrecker, kitchen and general cargo - as displayed. Many C60 4x4s with modifications for Arctic use were produced and shipped to Russia in 1943-44.

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