FS: VW Busse 1'500 ccm

Bei milweb wurden diese beiden VW Busse (ehemals Schweizer Armee) angeboten:
Here is an opportunity to acquire a cold war classic military vehicle that is cheap to run and is very popular and iconic. We are reluctantly offering for sale two former Swiss Army split screen vans. Both of these vans are 1'500cc, they have low mileage, are almost rust free, un-molested and are still in their original paint.

Van 1 1962 former service van with opening side flap. This is a unique van converted for field servicing of heavy vehicles. This van has featured in David Eccles' new book of special bodied split screen vans. The pictures show the quality Swiss modifications. This early van has nice period features such as small rear hatch, front bench seat and bullet indicators. The van has only been driven 55'000 miles (70'000 km). This unique van would be excellent for a business to use the draw of the iconic split screen van with the use of the internal modifications. Open to offers in excess of £ 25'000

Van 2 1966 former radio van. This van has the original engine showing the correct number. The engine rev limiter is still installed and the engine has probably not been out of the van. It has only been driven original 55'000 miles (70'000 kilometres). Has signs of use but has very good paint and excellent body work. The M codes show it is fitted with an alpine gearbox and limited slip differential. Has black out panels for the windows and a role down vinyl cab separating screen. Has the original roof rack fitted with 2 jerry cans. Open to offers in excess of £ 14'000.

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