Corowa DVD Set 2002-08

Keith Webb verkauft sechs seiner professionell gefilmten Corowa-DVDs für AUD 120 plus Porto. Diese Filmproduktionen handel vom grössten Australischen Militärfahrzeugtreffen, das seit über 30 Jahren in Corowa stattfindet. Er ist Inhaber von imagecontrol und produziert u.a. Filmbeiträge für History Channel und Werbefilme für australische Fernsehstationen.

The ‘Year of’ series

Started in 2002, the Corowa Year Of DVD series encompasses DVDs of five of the years since then. Together they form a unique record of the event seen through the stories of those who participate. The DVDs cover the key moments of the event including trips, the parade, swap meet, vehicle profiles and in each episode we take a look at an event or location outside the Corowa event.

The DVDs retail for $40 each plus postage.

The individual DVDs can be ordered directly by contacting Chris at Image Control on +61 (03) 9429 3001 or

2002 Year of the Blitz
The first in the series is Year of the Blitz where a massive effort saw 34 of these classic WW2 trucks gather to set a Guinness world record for the largest gathering of privately owned CMP (or Blitz) trucks since World War 2. We take you to Canada, the home of the CMP to see a rare prototype which has somehow survived.

The year of the Blitz DVD also includes the 2004 event in a special featurette.

2003 - Year of the Studebaker
The 24th annual National GPA Swim-in saw 21 US6 Studebaker 6X6 trucks attend from all over Australia. Colourful and entertaining, this documentary covers both the history of the truck and the event, with stories from owners and coverage of trips with the gathering at Corowa Airport for the Guinness World Record event. A highlight of the program is an interview with North-South road veteran Alan Smith.

2005 - Year of the Carrier
This was the last of the Guinness World record attempts with a group of privately owned carriers traveling the 3.2 kilometer run from the town to the airport. The fantastic DVD also covers the history and development of carriers in Australia and features a visit to Canada to experience carrier driving in the snow. This is the first time the event has been filmed in widescreen high-definition.

2006 - Year of the Armoured Car
The 27th annual event saw a gathering of armoured vehicles of a wide variety including carriers, White Scout Cars, Daimler Dingo and Ferret and a Half-Track among the 123 vehicles attending. The DVD includes a trip to Precision Aerospace in Wangaratta, the Melbourne Tank Museum auction and an in-depth interview with military vehicle historian Mike Cecil.

2007 - Year of the Cycle and Staff Car
This dual theme year attracted over 30 bicycles and motor cycles, with a trip to the famed Tocumwal airport where the group heard about one of the largest WW2 air bases in Australia as well as the use of the base for disposal and scrapping of aircraft after the war. We also visit the Army Transport museum at Bandiana among the interviews and profiles of vehicles.

2008 - Year of the Tracked Vehicle
Over 150 ex-military vehicles attended the 29th annual swim in, and many of their stories are told in this action packed DVD. There's the unique LP3 carrier prototype, both M3 Stuart tanks, as well as many carriers. Ride aboard the mighty Russian T34, hear what it's like from the inside and outside. And if that's not enough action there's Ron Laycock's jet powered blitz scorching down the Corowa runway. Special features include a visit to Ron Fry and a ride on his Commer Knocker powered M3 Stuart, and a visit to Mons to see the famous tank run.

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